Old Paint Disposal

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                                                GUIDE TO HOUSEHOLD PAINT DISPOSAL 
                                                                Latex or Oil-Based

Each year Elk Grove Village residents flush gallons of leftover or unwanted paint down their sinks and drains, and dump many more gallons into their trash cans. By doing this, residents can overwhelm water treatment plants and damage a landfill’s protective barriers. The resulting contamination fouls surface waters we all depend on for drinking, cooking, and recreation. The following are some simple ways residents may deal with leftover latex paint in an environmentally safe and friendly manner.

Oil-Based Paint ONLY (NO LATEX PAINT) can be dropped off for disposal at the follow location:

Fire Station #4 , 1971 Brookdale Road, Naperville, IL, (630) 420-4190 
Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, except holiday weekends 

There are also a number of paint and/or hardware stores in the area that will accept latex paint for recycling for a small fee. The cost varies at each store. 

Paint stays in good condition for a long time. Latex paint will last for up to 10 years. As a general rule, paint that mixes smoothly when stirred can still be used. If latex paint has been frozen, brush it on a newspaper. If there are no lumps, it hasn’t been damaged and can be used. If you do save your paint for later, follow some easy tips to make paint last longer. Just cover the opening with plastic wrap, and make sure the lid fits securely so the paint doesn’t leak. Turn the paint can upside down to create a tight seal, and store in a cool dry location. Do not allow the paint to freeze.

Purchase only the paint that you need. Reducing the amount of paint you buy can significantly reduce the amount of waste paint generated. Always try to accurately calculate the amount of paint required before making a trip to the store. Most paint retailers are willing to help calculate the proper amount of paint needed for a particular project.

Use up excess paint. Consider applying additional coats of paint to existing projects until all remaining paint is used up. Small quantities of excessive paint can be saved and used for touch-up purposes or on other small projects.

Paint something else. It doesn’t have to need the paint. Brush paint on an old piece of cardboard, newspaper or some scrap lumber, than toss it in the trash. You can paint the inside of your garage or basement walls. Just about anywhere would probably work to use up that last bit of paint.

Donate excess paint to those who need it. Giving a friend or neighbor any leftover paint is a great way to reduce the amount of waste paint generated. Schools, community organizations, theatre groups, churches and other non-profit agencies may also be interested in using any excess paint.

Discard dried paint with the regular trash. While recycling or reuse is the preferred disposal method for waste latex paint there is another option. Latex paint (not oil–based) can be dried out and disposed of with your regular trash pick up. Place open cans containing small amounts of latex paint in a well ventilated secure area away from children and pets. Allow paint to dry thoroughly. For larger amounts of paint add equal amounts of kitty litter, sawdust, shredded paper, oil dry, or sand to absorb moisture and speed up the drying process. Place solidified paints (with the lids off) in your trash container. If possible empty the can, dry it out, and recycle it

If you are planning to move. Find a friend who can use up your leftover paint or have that neighbor dry out your latex paint for you. Bring the latex paint to your new home and dry it out there. Ask a friend or neighbor to bring it to a recycling location for you.

If you have any questions regarding the proper disposal or recycling of oil based/latex paint, or recycling or hazardous waste please call the Community Development at 357-4220.